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Piece #84 - The Vortex of Hatred

As I write this blog, there has been a series of unrest in several communities about violence that has occurred and there seems to be no justice or closure. In previous entries, I've addressed anger, stress, frustration, and conviction; but this goes a little deeper with most of the topics getting swirled together in this mixture. As an adult with Asperger's Syndrome, I'm not a robot and I understand the whole complexities of hate. I have admittedly hated situations, people, and even certain events that I completely disagreed with in the past; but this goes much further than my own little issues.

Hatred is a natural, but incredibly dark part of our humanity. The best comparison I can think of is that of a tornado. A tornado is natural and is a part of nature, but we all know how deadly and destructive a tornado can be. Like hatred, a tornado just doesn't pop out of nowhere and starts to destroy things; it begins as a rotating vortex in the upper atmosphere of a thunderstorm. Hatred begins with the conditions of having an established bias against anything that has either hurt them or was raised with the idea that they could be hurt. Fear and anger are the two primary forces that spin the hatred tornado like the warm and cold air swirling for a real tornado. In many ways the hatred of people breaks my heart because I know this is an emotion they could control if they chose too.

The race riots, police assassination and many other acts of violence in the name of "justice” seems really more like in the name of “hate” do wound me as a person with Asperger's. Having taught in an urban school for over a decade I can understand the race riots and having a good friend on the police force; I can understand the fear of police assassinations. I see the injustice in the crimes or deaths that start these riots or assassinations, but what help is that? Police will still make mistakes on the job. There will be criminals who seek justice or simply a thrill in killing police where does that lead us? My point here is that they don’t see the logic in the actions. I do have to remember though, hatred is emotional and most times logic is lost when emotions are involved. 

Satan lives on hatred. He would love nothing more than have the entire human race live on rage. If we simply kept on fighting/killing each other than that would make Satan the happiest person in the world. Life can be unfair. Bad things that happen can be traumatizing to any person or persons. This is why following Jesus can be very challenging. I wonder how many people that were involved in the riots went to church that Sunday. Did they feel depraved? Did they forget the old line "What Would Jesus Do"? We are still only human and hatred is one of those emotions we just can't simply turn off whenever we like. The key is when rage wells up in our hearts, what do we do about it? Riot? Murder? It's still our choice. It's still our life. Think.

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