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Piece #22 - The Power of Love

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I love my wife. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be married. To be honest, my tale of love was rather strange as a child. I was very self-aware of women very early in life, for example, I had cut out a picture of a woman in a bra and then proceeded to color in Superman symbols around her when I was 6 years old. I was really young when I had my first kiss, granted I tricked the very lovely young lady, but I got it! We were downstairs in my house and I told the girl to pretend to be a patient and I was going to be the doctor. (You can almost tell how this was going to end.) I remember being really excited, but nervous. I took a second to look at how beautiful she was; then I leaned down and kissed her right on the lips! Of course, right after that she got mad and left, but it was awesome.

When I was in middle school, I did have one female admirer, but I also had the bully who liked her too, but she ended up liking someone else...I got stuck with …

Piece #21 - Courage

Anyone with Asperger's can identify how tricky it is to know what real courage or bravery might seem like. If you ask any child as to who is a hero, you might get answers like: some superhero, police officer or firefighter. All the answers would be good ones, but the line between courage and cowardliness can be very thin. Being afraid of doing something that might take a big risk, but actually reacting to the situation and doing something about it versus not doing anything is a good example.

I always saw myself as a person who tried to shy away from conflict. I guess people who face the conflict are always seen as courageous, but in many cases I believe its recklessness. Most people with Asperger’s have a tendency to stay away because we don't want to deal with the drama. My girls are the same way, they would rather side step a confrontation rather than dealing with it head on. Of course this isn't all the time and situations have lent themselves into having to face it only…