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Piece #105 - Drawing a Blank

One of my favorite Simon Pegg movie is "The World's End". In the movie, the small town that Simon's character (Gary King) grew up in has been very different since he left. The people in the town have been being replaced with robotic people which Gary's group of lads called...Blanks. The group decided the name for two reasons: 1. To make sure to identify who was human and who wasn't and 2. The fake people in the town had no personality or life in them, just hollow. Right now I feel a little like that. Not only do I feel like I have no life in me but, my mind is completely blank as well. This is a dangerous position to be in.
I'm reach out to you, the reading audience, because I have a feeling you have either been thought this phase or are still in this funk. As I write these blog entries, there have been several occasions when I have a really great idea for an entry, but getting it organized and typed on the screen can be one of the most difficult tasks in …