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Piece #18 - Money, Money, Money

I agree in many cases that "The love of Money is the root of all evil". I'm not a big fan of money, of course I'm not rich, but believe it or doesn't really matter. I didn't come into this world with money and when I's not going with me! The only irony in all of this is that my favorite color is green. It has been since I was a kid. (But, it wasn't because of money.)

I believe the issue I have the most about money is trying to keep everything organized as to bills that needed to be paid versus trying to purchase items that might be needed for the family. To be honest, my wife JaimeeAsperger's, I might miss or forget important details that could be critical to our budget. I did make an open observation that slapped me right in the face when I was given a credit card for me to use because we have to be careful about our funds at the current time. Little did I know that I ended up 'nickel and diming' myself right through th…

Piece #17 - It's a matter of...Priorities

When it comes to setting my priorities, you would think this would be a "No Brainer", but with my Asperger's (and my wife); that's not always the case. My problem is "the situation", not the guy from Jersey Shore, I mean when anything like my job or my family comes into a conflict for me (hinds the situation); I actually find it difficult to make to proper decision. Why I say my wife, is because she feels there are many times when I do something for work, where as I should’ve been something else I needed to do for the family – ahead of the job.

I think the main problem with priorities is that I tend to be a "do it now" person. Sometimes, it is a good idea to get things done right away, but there are times when I should put certain things off because of some more pressing matter. With my memory issues, I tend to forget a task if I don't address it right away, it rarely gets taken care of. As Shakespeare would say, therein lays the rub, if I hold…