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Piece #101 - Sheba

Way back in my posting #26 Raining Cats and Dogs, I spoke about all the animals we had in the house and how the animals were therapy for the twins. Since they have Asperger's, psychologists feel that people with our condition would be helped if we had an animal for therapeutic reasons. I'm not the biggest fan of animals because I'm usually the one who has to clean up after their messes. I'm not sure how therapeutic that would be for me cleaning after pee or poop 'accidents'. However, this event is one that really deserved a special posting all by itself. If you were able to read the 26th posting, you would know who Sheba was. I'm very sad to report that on September 25th, 2015, Jaimee and I had to make the grueling decision to put Sheba down. Sheba was 16 years old.
As an owner, you know these moments are going to come yet you never seemed to be prepared for that time when you have to put the animal to sleep. Jaimee and I have had to put down other animals b…

Piece #100 - The Importance of Being One Hundred

The rumors are true; this is my 100th entry of my blog. It's funny because sometimes when you start something you never know how long things might last; in this case, this blog that I've been writing. The number one hundred seems to be one of those pinnacle moments in anything we might write or age or other things. Since I have Asperger's and I've mentioned on several posting that I'm a numbers guy so 100 to me can mean a lot of different things. Money, for example, only goes as high as 100 in dollars. As much as prices are on everything you would think that our government would introduce a higher bill, but no...100 dollars is the top of the heap. A newly elected President tends to be judged by the first 100 days in office; which started with Franklin Roosevelt. 100 is an even number and if you're at 100% then you are considered complete or at the max. I remember there was a rather interesting game show called “1 versus 100” were one contestant…