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Piece #35 - Christmas!

I intentionally waited until December to write this particular blog. Unlike many stores who seem to think that Christmas starts in August,I actually was patience enough to write this within the month. Of course, if you ask the question 'What is your most favorite time of the year?’ some will say summer, but many would say Christmas. I wanted to write this early because Christmas is one of those holidays that are a full season, not just one day. I think this is the one time when I enjoy the days leading up to Christmas more than the actual day itself. It's amazing how things change so quickly, from the decorations, lights, trees and all the other Christmas displays that spring up faster that lightning! There is no other holiday that has this effect on our society as much as this one.

With my Asperger’s, Christmas can be a little difficult because the traditions that I did as a child are not the same as an adult. Worse than that, my tradition is constantly changing every year. (I'm glad the date doesn't change!!!) Some years we stay at home and other years we go to my parent's house. These last few Christmas have been incredibly difficult with all the tragic events that have occurred within the family. (See my blog "Tragedy and 2009"). I try my best to adjust, but I'm finding it more difficult to make any change the older I get.

I guess a way of having a festive heart for Christmas is the music. I don't believe there is any other holiday with more music than Christmas. It's amazing to think that Christmas could have its own sound track! Heck! As much music as there is, it could have its own station 24 hours a day Christmas music; although I can imagine feeling a little weird listening to Christmas music in June. It's just amazing how many different artists, secular and Christian, sing all these songs. I do wonder who are they sing it for, the mighty God or the mighty dollar? Nonetheless, the music is great and it really puts me in a festive mood when it's on. Something else that's on and there is a lot of is movies and television shows. Once again, I literally think you can have a 24 hour TV channel on Christmas alone! I always look forward to the classic movies like "A Miracle of 34th Street" (classic version), "White Christmas", A Christmas Carol (any version!) and "Christmas Vacation".

Here's a reminder to everyone, if want to wish someone a "Happy Holidays" try saying that during other months of the year that have several holidays in it and see what kind of a reaction you'll get! If I wanted to wish someone a "Happy Hanukkah" then that's what I would say, I'm sure my Jewish friends would appreciate with this Christmas time, please feel free to wish me a Merry Christmas because that's exactly what I'll say to you. It's like nails on the chalkboard every time I hear "Happy Holidays", if that's the case you're better off not saying it at all; because it sounds like an empty greeting, there's no meaning behind it.

One of the biggest complains I hear is that Christmas is too commercialized now. In all honesty, I think Christmas is how YOU look at it. If it looks commercialized to you, then maybe you need to do something about it. I watch this really old movie that are highly commercialized and that just shows me the times have changed, but the commercialism is still there. I guess it just depends how far back did you want to go? I guess this is where I can insert my little pet peeve about the holiday...X-mas. I'm not sure how this got started because I haven't done the research, but I can't find any X-mas on my calendars; I find Christmas, but not X-mas. You can put as many X's as you want on your letters, cards, email, whatever; but you'll never take the Christ out of the holiday. I realize lots of countries around the world celebrate the holiday, mostly for the fun of it; but it goes a lot deeper than that. My prayer is that someday, all nations will understand why this holiday, or Birthday, is celebrated each December. I don't think the commercializing is the big issue, I think it's the real message that is getting shoved under the rug. Yes, I realize that Jesus most likely wasn't actually born in December, but the idea is that...He was born and He died on a cross for our sins and He rose from the dead. If you are seeking peace on earth and goodwill toward men, you first have to have Christ in your heart, and then the peace and goodwill can come forth from you, to bless and be blessed all year long. [NOTE: IF YOU CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION THERE IS A GOOD DISCUSSION ON THE "X" IN CHRISTMAS.]

There can be magic at Christmas time; the question is…are you willing to accept it...most important, are you willing to accept Him?

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes!]:

Song: "Christmas With A Capital "C"

Artist: Go Fish

Album: Christmas With A Capital "C"


This is Chris Guyles, Megan Guyles(Wheat) and baby Sophia for Christmas! Here's just a little bit of what Christmas is about.

Here's a Christmas video for you from Mannheim Steamroller!!!

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