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Piece #63 - REAL Frustration!

This topic is a great combination of several previous posting I have written, everything from #12 Temper, #18 Money, #20 Stress, #30 Failure, and #52 The Blues. So how is this different than the rest? Frustration is the catalyst of all of these problems. I got to thinking about what ties these all together because if I am ever to overcome these issues, I really have to get a handle on the frustration I get when it comes to all of these problems. I don't usually use dictionary terms to define my topic for the blog but, here's the Merriam-Webster definition:a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs. As you notice from the postings that I mentioned a minute ago, all of these can be filled right into that definition. I think the word that bothers me the most in the definition has to be "chronic". I never would have thought that 'frustration' would be a chronic condition. The definition le…

Piece #62 - Elephant in the Room

This by far will be the most difficult entry that I have ever had to ever write. It deals with the one thing that almost every person with Asperger's has to deal with...suicide. {I make this disclaimer: suicide is NEVER the answer to any of your problems!!!} Making that claim and following through are very difficult to manage. I never even like to talk about it because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I've noticed that those kind of thoughts seem to rear their ugly heads when I get under serious distress or panicky. In my mind, it always seems easier to take my life rather than facing the issues that are troubling me. I feel like it's a curse, but I'm never going to let it win and I need to share my thoughts with you about the difficult subject.

I see the whole suicide thing like the Hulk or a Mr. Hyde, that persona that wants to come out and do whatever destructive things that I'm not willing to achieve. I believe every person with this problem envisions how they mi…