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Piece #28 - Puzzles

I realize autism is symbolized by a puzzles piece and I've noticed that some people have taken some offense to that, but this doesn't deal directly with that topic. This is a straight observation on puzzles and how they affect me and the twins. With the new age of electronic devices, it has changed to way we do pretty much everything! In this case I want to focus on puzzles because there are lots of computer game companies that are betting on us to buy their own special puzzle game, whether it is on the iPad, iTouch or smart phone.

I will say that I do own an iTouch and yes, I do love it! Unfortunately, I can get sucked into several good puzzle games. So far the top ones I love to play are Chuzzle, Bejeweled, Tiki Totems and of course...Angry Birds. To be honest, I also will go 'old school' and play Solitaire, Mahjong, Sudoku and even Tetris because they still have a place in my heart. Sometimes the simpler games I would rather play because they are quick and easier t…

Piece #27 - Art and Tattoos

Here's a bad idea, mixing OCD and tattoos. I will say that so far, I have one tattoo. My wife is another story, she has eight tattoos so far, but she is considering another. I believe the new one she wants would be in memory of her mother. [Although, there is a rumor that she is changing her mind.] I wouldn't mind having another tattoo myself, but as always I'm not sure what I want. I thought about an Autism puzzle piece and I've looked at several different people's tattoos on the same idea; some I've like and some I wondered what they were thinking. I'm still researching the best possible design, but I definitely would like to get a new one.

The hardest part about tattoos is I want to make sure that whatever I get inked on me is something I'll like until I'm dead because there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and having a really nasty tattoo looking back at you! I have one tattoo right now on my upper right arm. It has the insignia of …