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Piece #65 - A Fashion NIGHTMARE!

Here's an area of where I'm not sure most of the misunderstanding falls, because of my Asperger's or because I'm just a guy. I'm not really big on fashion, even in movies premiers or runaways; although I did like fashion movies like "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Zoolander". Dr. Temple Grandin wears cowgirl outfits and she looks great! When I was younger, I alwaysthoughtI had a fashion sense, but I think I might have been sorely wrong. I always thought I was so well dressed that many of the other kids in school were just jealous; or so I thought. I did have second thoughts when all the girls just wanted to "be my friend" so I wasn't sure if it was the clothes or the person. As the art major that I was, I wanted to make sure I dressed for the part - especially in college. I mean, I was the president of the art club and I felt like I had to dress like I was the president...of course, later that next year I met a young beautiful woman w…

Piece #64 - Conviction

One thing I've openly observed about human nature is the struggle of opening up of issues or beliefs that lie within us. Conviction is a tough thing to get out of people and worse, to take a stand on. I've always seen conviction as a two way street. Either we are felt guilty about not doing something we should have, or others should have been there for us; whether or not the people felt convicted or not we may never know, but to us we always assume that they’re in 'the wrong'. Having Asperger's, there have been countless times when I should have felt convicted because I didn't do something when I should have...the trouble is I may never have been aware of the error I made. I've discussed this on many occasions in dealing with memory, but adding that sense of conviction into my conscientiousness is not always going to be there. I know I've offended people in the past due to my lack of conviction, but when I'm unaware of their feelings; it means nothi…