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Piece #42 - Names and Faces

Being a teacher as long as I have and seeing thousands of students over the years, I have a terrible habit of trying to remember names. There have been times when I run into a former student and I want to so badly try to remember their name, but dejectedly I usually end up having to be refreshed on their name...and many times which school they attended! I really feel disappointed when the student is looking at you in hopes that I would remember everything about them. I guess I can remember when I was younger and I'd see my former teachers and some of them would remember my name (though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing). Although, I have had other teachers not remember my name, but they remember me by my face. So to all my students that I've had or will have, I apologize if I can't remember your name, but understand I will probably recognize you by your appearance.

I have noticed that as my wife has gotten older, many people don't realize it's…

Piece #41 - Storm Warnings

Unlike the personal storms I've had to deal with in my life, I'm actually addressing real natural thunderstorms and other freaks of nature. I'm not sure if all kids were like this or it's just the way we were brought up, but I've always had been terrified of severe storms. Since the days of me being a child, I remember running into my parent's bedroom whenever thunder sounded around the house. Deep down, I believe this is the reason why I created a superhero call "Thunderbolt" when I was a child to take my fears and make them into something good. When I was really young I remember being in a tropical storm (South Padre Island, TX) and stepping out to see the eye of the storm; that was very fascinating. I think the thing that terrified me the most was tornadoes.

Living here in Kansas City we've had our fair share of tornadoes. The sad part was that I had relatives that lived in Oklahoma so there had been times when I was visiting and sure enough th…