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Piece #44 - Ode to a Baby Bunny

I'm sure the first thought after reading the title is "this isn't one of those weird poem things you'd hear at a coffee place is it?"; I can safely say no to that answer, but there is a deep meaning behind this. On Monday April 15, 2013 I was walking to my car to go home for the day after teaching. I was really tired and as I walked, I wasn't really paying any attention on where I was trending. I was crossing a small grassy area when suddenly I felt an odd thing as I stepped down on my right foot. At once this little baby rabbit screeched out of pain from me stepping on it. It startled me at first, but I kept going and the baby was crying like an irritating car alarm. I turned back to take a quick look, but I did nothing else to help it. I continued to head back to my car and I could still hear the wailing of the rabbit in the distance. I knew that the rabbit was only being instinctive and staying still so predators wouldn't find him was correct, but that…

Piece #43 - April

If "November" was going to be the title of my autobiography then "April" would be the sequel. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you would understand why I would do this. But, for those who are new here are the reasons. To start, my beautiful wife's birthday is in April. Back on April 13, 1989, I took Jaimee out on a date for her birthday. We first caught an early movie then we went to the Pepper Corn Duck Club (Which sadly isn't there anymore!). The Duck Club was one the best restaurants in Kansas City. (By the way, I did have their duck.) It really was a perfect evening, but that was nothing in comparison to the finale of the night. After we were done with dinner, I took Jaimee to a park near one of the fountains that we have all over the city. (KC is known as the city of kidding!) I sat Jaimee on a bench and then I knelt now and asked her to be my wife. The whole proposal thing was really tricky because I wanted it to be a pl…