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Piece #46 - Lakes, Rivers and Oceans...Oh my!

I might have Asperger's, but I can still swim. I know of too many kids who are full blown teenagers and still don't know how to swim. When I was growing up, I always seemed to be near water, and I'm not referring to the bathtub! We didn't have a pool, but when summer hit, we were off to the lake. Most of the time was spend at Stockton Lake which is located in the center of Missouri. I have lots of memories from my time down there. We used to have a unique boat. My dad called it a squirt boat, but I think it went by a different name; basically the boat didn't have a regular propeller, it would suck up water and shoot it out as propulsion. The boat was actually pretty cool. There as one summer when I was a kid and my dad and I were going to go get my brother who was at the lake shore. As my dad and I walked pass a pickup truck a German Shepard jumped out from under the truck and attacked ME! I was bitten in the back of right leg. In all honesty, I don't remember …

Piece #45 - Tests and Trials

I never thought of myself as a good test taker. I mean, tests like the ACT and SAT test are only good for finding out how well you can take a test. I remember having to take all kinds of tests. MMAT, ACT, C-BASE, Finals for college classes, and of course those wonderful teaching tests. As a teacher, I had to give the MAP and EOC tests. I realize the value of a test, but I think it doesn't always show a true comprehension of the material. With my Asperger's, it's difficult for me to remember anything...especially stuff for a test!

Not all tests are just ones for a school, college or professional life. There are many times when a test can become personal. One real open observation I've noticed is that women, like my wife, will throw out a comment, question or scenario and see what the man's response would be. They're testing us to see where we stand or how we react to the set-up. I'm saying this is a little unfair to the man, but there are times when getting …