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If you have been an avid reader of this blog you should not be surprised that this would be one of my pieces. I'm sure your next question would be why did it take this long? For 2012 this is the year of the Avengers and I can say this is a dream come true. I've loved superheroes as long as I've been on this planet. Growing up in the 70's and 80's how could you not be? With the 70's we had the Super friends, the Superman movies, Wonder Woman, the Spider-Man TV series (live action); I even remember watching Shazam! The cool part was I remember riding my bike down to the 7-11 and they had all kinds of superhero things, from cups to cards, stickers and of course...comic books. When I was 7, I actually wrote and drew my own comic book called Thunderbolt. I did start a second book, but I never finished it.

The 80's continued with the superhero parade with more Superman movies (though it started getting dumb), theIncredible Hulk TV series, the Tick and the crownin…

Piece #23 - "Play that funky Music!"

If there is anything I have a close ties to it would have to be music. As you all have noticed, I always leave a song at the end of each blog that might give an added thought to what I wrote. Strangely, I have a music ear, but I can't play or read any music. I really wanted to play the piano so my mom had hired a tutor to teach me how to play. The session ended very shortly and the gal told my mom that I will never be able to play the piano because my hands were too small. If you ask my mom today the one regret that she has, it would be listening to that tutor because my hands are not small now.

I guess one thing I really like about music is that it has a better way of expressing how I feel better than I can explain it. With my Asperger's, it can be very difficult saying how feel inside. I find it amazing that Jaimee can know how I'm feeling without me saying really, anything. Music has a way of not only saying the right words, but also conveying the exact feeling the words…