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Piece #93 - Metamorphosis

When I was younger, I was always curious about the concept of a person going through a 'mid-life crisis'. Many times, I would watch a television show where a married man would cheat on his wife and he would give the excuse that he had sex with another woman because he was going through a mid-life crisis. I was actually a little scared and unnerved about the idea that I might go through one myself when I got older. (Remember folks, I do have Asperger's.) I've actually seen other things adults would do during their 'crisis' like hanging out with much younger adults, doing crazy stunts, or just trying to tap into anything that might make them feel younger like when I see actors who divorce their spouses for a much younger person. I feel like I've hit that point, but not in any of the examples I mentioned.
As I write this, I'm currently 45 years old and I've come to the plateau in my career to which some critical decisions need to be made. A real mid-lif…

Piece #92 - Rebuking

I realize that rebuke tends to be a more biblical term, but it can reach much further than a simple reference in the Bible. I learned an interesting lesson about rebuking, it's not as easy as it seems. Webster's Dictionary defines rebuke as"to speak in an angry and critical way to (someone)" I can see how and why the dictionary defined it as such, but I feel like the dictionary didn't quite get this word properly defined. I would almost say this this definition is meant for 'chastising' than 'rebuking'. I would define rebuking as 'a method of correcting one's decisions in a critical manner.' Anger is involved but, not in the way the definition uses it. 
I can recall on many occasions when I was rebuke quite often from people that are close to me. The big problem with Asperger's is even though a friend or family member might warn me about something that I did wrong; there are times when I'll do it again. Thus, I would be rebuked …