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Piece #107 - "Sharp Dressed Man"

I wanted to start this post by inferring that the title does not mean men alone. Since I have daughters as well, I will be addressing both sides of the human gender. [The title comes from a ZZ Tops song.] One of the main things that Jaimee and I are trying to instill in one of our twin daughters is having a sense of cleanliness. I always hear that a woman loves a 'bad boy', but I seriously thought they would love a 'stinky, smelly boy'. There is a really good reason why the saying 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' is rather important, if there is any guy or gal out there who is still looking for that special someone then you might serious think about what I'm trying to say. Being 'Sharp Dressed' can really impress someone special and say a lot about you as a potential mate.

One thing I've actually had to learn recently is to be well dressed for an interview. Having to go a job interview isn't something I've had to do for a long time so I had to re-learn a few tricks to make myself more professional and appealing...yes - I said 'appealing'. I'm not trying to get a date with the interviewer, I'm trying to look like a person who would 'look good' in their business. For those of us who have Asperger's, I realize certain tactical clothing can be an issue. Dr. Temple Grandin only wears that cowboy button up shirts; for her, they feel the best on her skin. I will admit that I even have certain clothing that will bother me a little, but I try to find something close to the best sensation. The best example I can give is socks. I hate dress socks; it feels like I'm putting on patty hose! I've tried to find socks that are made more like sport socks, but I haven't had a lot of luck. I used to enjoy wearing neck ties, but lately I've had a hard time with buttoning to top button of my dress shirt. I feel like I'm choking to death! I've been looking for shirts with a wider top since my neck has...grown a little. The best advice I got before I had to put together my 'dress up' outfit; that was to always start with your dress shoes and match up the rest of the outfit with the shoe color.

What I going to say next may sound silly and juvenile, but I have learned being a teacher that we assume children already know how to be 'clean' and 'clean looking'...but, that in not the case. Before you put on any article of clothing there are a few things that will need to be addressed. A shower or bath; this is something that needs to happen on a regular basis. Shaving, I leave to your digression because I shave my face every other night, but that depends on the look you're going for. Brushing the teeth every day and putting on deodorant - you would be surprised at how many people don't do this! Because of my Asperger's, this is a route for me and rather helpful so I don't forget to do everything to make myself presentable. If you are married like me or have a partner in your life, there is no reason to stop keeping yourself clean and neat.

Anyone who says they have Asperger's and does not keep themselves clean because of the disorder is full of nonsense. I know that one of my twin daughters prides herself on cleanliness and I'm not too fond of dirt myself. I don't even like my finger nails growing long! I realize there can be other psychological factors that can come into play when it comes to proper hygiene. If you look at the people who are hoarders, the lack on cleanliness is blatantly obvious. This doesn't mean that hoarders all have Asperger's, but OCD has to be at least a part of the psychological issue. I have a real hard time watching those television shows that deal with this condition because I get frustrated listening to their illogical reason s to try to keep all of the junk. I believe trying to keep yourself clean gives you a better feeling about yourself, almost like a reset button. Sometimes you just have to 'wash' away the grind on the day and feel refreshed.

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on Android or iTunes!]:

Song: "Sharp Dressed Man"

Artist: ZZ Top

Album: Eliminator 

I'm going Back to the Future for this song and the video! (1983):

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