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Piece #89 - Pain Control

As you may or may not know that my wife has been through a horrible ordeal that involved her slipping on some wet wax and falling on the cement floor on her elbow. Ever since that time, she has gone through several surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy. Sadly, she has found herself having to take pain medication to help ease her chronic pain. We've tried different methods of helping her out, but many of the treatments just don't seem to work. I have been going through a tiny bit of pain myself since I got a boil under my left arm which blossomed into this massive infection. I just learned that it is a form of staff infection. Jaimee has been trying to squeeze out as much of the infection as she could, but I can tell you that this is incredibly painful. The pain feels like hundreds of wasp’s sting my side all at once. I have had all kinds of pain in different places for different reasons, but I have to admit this is probably one of the worst I can remember. 
I can ho…

Piece #88 - Android or Asperger

I'll never forget Star Trek: The Next Generation when they had a new kind of character called Data. Data was an android and that created a lot of controversy among the crew because there has never been an android officer before. On the show, the crew clearly sees Data as an outcast because he is unlike any other life form they're ever had to deal with. In many cases, the crew gets in to situations where they just don't know how to handle the android. In some ways, crew members have a tendency not to even try to know or understand how Data ticks. Data so desperately tries to understand how humans work; in their emotions, rational thinking and unpredictability. We know that Data was an android, but I often wonder if he were human with autism...would there be any real difference between the two.
Of course there are other movies that feature androids, but Star Trek seems to come first to my mind because Data seemed to really strive to try to be human; almost like Pinocchio. Rem…