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Piece #67 - The Smartest Man in the Room

I love the line "The smartest man in the room." because whenever I have to join a group of people (whether a Sunday school class, a teacher's meeting, a simple gathering of friends and/or family) I never like to lead on that I really am a very bright person. Please don't misunderstand; I'm not thumping my chest and claiming myself as king. I'm just simply saying that I know I'm no dummy. One of the things I try to avoid is being wrong. If I ever am incorrect I'm usually honest enough to admit it, but I think I've had to learn over time to be careful in what I say so I can get my facts straight first. I definitely hearken back to my youth when I had the bad habit of opening my mouth too fast and when I was wrong in my response, that's when it gave other kids the chance to poke fun at me. You have to understand that other kids were like the lions and I was the antelope, if I stepped forward and make a fool of myself without the other lions havin…