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Piece #77 - "Hard to Say I'm Sorry"

Here is one of those funny times when it's really easy to say, but harder to do. For some, giving an apology and meaning it can be two totally different things all together. When I was growing up, I will honestly say that I did as little apologizing as I could. Please don't think of me as cruel or heartless, it's just that when something happened to someone else I just didn't see the need to apologize especially if I had nothing to do with the problem. There were other times when I just wasn't simply aware that an apology was needed. I can recall many times when I mom forced me to apologize for something I might have said or done. Of course, I was not very happy for two reasons, one - I didn't like my mom forcing me to say 'I'm sorry' when I wasn't; and two - I felt like it wasn't my fault so why would I apologize for something I had nothing to do with the issue.
As I've gotten older, I have learned to be a little more cognizant of when a…

Piece #76 - Head of the House

I realize in today's family, the roles are changing rather drastically. I can think of another time when roles in the family were shaken up since World War 2. Life today seems more like unwed mothers giving birth to fatherless children and if they are married the couple only has about a 50-50 shot of staying married. I realize this doesn't seem to make sense, but that's the reality of the world we live in. Traditionally, in any house, the father was the person who was always considered the 'head of the household', but that role has deteriorated through the years.
How did this whole idea start? Not surprising we can look to the Bible for the answer. As I mentioned back in a previous blog about Leadership, the book dictates that the male is the head of the household and will be personally judged on the spirituality of the members of the family. So we as the males have a heavy responsibility on the welfare of everyone in the family. Sadly, this task for the male of the…