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Piece #97 - "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

Way back in an earlier posting, I wrote about music. This posting was music in general and some of the influences I had when it came to music, but I decided that one particular artist needed my full attention on my blog because he is very special to me. I must first preface by saying that I'm not a country music fan. There are very few country artists I can actually say I 'like'. Johnny Cash is one of those very few artists that really can't be placed in a certain musical category. Think about it, Johnny Cash is the only person to be inducted into 4 different music Halls Of Fame: The Song Writers (1977), The Country Music (1980), The Rock-n-Roll (1992) and The Gospel Music (2010)! To me, Johnny is more than just being in four Halls of Fame, it's the message and the music that really reached out to me like it did for millions of other people.
I have to echo my sentiments when Justin Timberlake won the MTV award for best video over the video Johnny Cash made from the …

Piece #96 - Freedom

Since the main holiday in July is our (USA) Independence Day, this got me thinking about why this is celebrated and are we really honoring what the holiday is supposed to mean? If you ask most people about July 4th, I'm sure most people will say that we're celebrating our freedom here in America, but I honestly tend to question the idea that America is actually 'free'. In the Avenger's movie, Loki describes freedom as "'s great lie." where he believed that we (Americans) really didn't understand what freedom was supposed to be; to him "we were made to be ruled." If we are 'ruled' properly then we are 'free'. I know that sounds a bit twisted but remember this did come from Loki the god of mischief. Honestly, I've questioned a lot about my self-discovery of Asperger's was freeing for me.

I think finally getting an answer to what I'd questioned for many years from my childhood to adulthood is freeing in awa…