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Piece #55 - Asperger Movies and Television

I know I will be writing a different posting on movies in general later on, but my goal here is to talk about autism in the media and how Asperger's is used in movies and television. I have seen several movies and television shows that directly address autism in their performances, but I honestly haven't seen them all. I think the best way to tackle this is by addressing the movies first and then finishing out with television. I think Hollywood is trying to do the right thing, but like most media in Hollywood...they don't always get it right. (I think in some way they are a little out of touch with reality.)

By far the best film I've seen is "Mary and Max" because it is based on a true story. It was done in Claymation, but the content is excellent. It's the story of two people who strike up an exchange of letters between them. Mary is from Australia and Max is from New York City. Mary first simply inquires about what it's like in America and Max with h…

Piece #54 - Stubborn as a Mule!

As I was reading through the different symptoms of Asperger's, the one I found interesting and I never really thought about was stubbornness. I always thought that would be a woman thing! (Just ugly emails please, I bruise easily!) Actually, I have found I am rather stubborn to a fault. I'm glad I'm not completely that way because in all honesty, my wife and I would be divorced. I will admit that it takes a lot of restraint to keep my stubbornness in check. I can say that I remember a time when I was younger there was a television ad for Arby's and I really hated the much so that one day when my dad stopped in to get a bite to eat at, yes, Arby's; I refused to go in the restaurant. My dad couldn't understand why I didn't want to go, but I was so adamant about not going in, I was practically crying because I hated the store...all because of a terrible ad on television. I do like Arby's today, but the doctor will be the first …