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Piece #51 - Secrets

I'm not sure if this is harder for me or my wife. I have learned that some secrets are best kept to one's self because the revelations of the information may actually do more damage than healing. I felt secrets have been saviors and dangers. Having Asperger's, this has to be one of the hardest things to judge because I'm not sure when it's right to hold on to a secret and when to tell. I've always been one to be honest, but holding on to information isn't tough, it's just hard to tell when the time is right to say anything. One of my worst problems has been that I will remember the information I have to keep secret, but then along the way...I forget! The memory problem can create havoc in my head because even though the information might be important, it can still get lost in all the other stuff in my head.

There are times when I'll have a secret, but the seriousness of it to me might not be that important, until I mention it later. I have a hard tim…

Piece #50 - Reunions

This year marks my 25th high school class reunion. I've only attended one reunion and that was my 10th. Why the 10th? I guess because I was curious to see what had happened to everyone in that first 10 years. Sadly when my wife and I attended, I came to find out that not a lot really changed. They all acted the same way I remember from school, but just 10 years older. I haven't been to a single reunion since. I know there are college reunions, but I've not seen any invitations to any and I'm not sure if I'd ever go. Jaimee had her 25th union last year and she never even gave it a thought. In fact, she hasn't been to any of her reunions. I don't blame her. I guess in some ways technology has bridged the gap for my curiosity into what has happened to old friends...Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

In a small way, I wouldn't mind seeing everyone again, but with my Asperger's, it makes it REALLY difficult to suck it up and go. We're having it at a ba…