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Piece #63 - REAL Frustration!

This topic is a great combination of several previous posting I have written, everything from #12 Temper, #18 Money, #20 Stress, #30 Failure, and #52 The Blues. So how is this different than the rest? Frustration is the catalyst of all of these problems. I got to thinking about what ties these all together because if I am ever to overcome these issues, I really have to get a handle on the frustration I get when it comes to all of these problems. I don't usually use dictionary terms to define my topic for the blog but, here's the Merriam-Webster definition: a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs. As you notice from the postings that I mentioned a minute ago, all of these can be filled right into that definition. I think the word that bothers me the most in the definition has to be "chronic". I never would have thought that 'frustration' would be a chronic condition. The definition leads me to believe that being frustrated is a constant thing...I would have to disagree. The only thing I see that might be an issue is with my Asperger's and OCD because I might concentrate on the feeling of frustration rather than doing something about it. If I felt frustrated all the time then I'd already be dead from severe hypertension!

Sadly, this is a feeling that should never be taken lightly because frustration can create serious issues which again, I mentioned earlier in several different postings. I think we can agree that we all get frustrated at different things for different situations. One can't really say they've never been frustrated because that would make them a robot! I have a feeling that some people may not even realize they are in a state of frustration; if that's true then self-denial can be rather dangerous. One could find themselves in a situation of either high stress, anger issues or worse, suicidal thoughts. If the source isn't discovered, then the outcome could be one of these possible side effects.

I wish I could say that there is a sure fire cure to frustration, but I think I would definitely be lying; and if anyone else tells you otherwise, then their lying too. Going back to the definition, I think at some point we all feel “dissatisfied” with some kind issue; whether it takes place at work, school, home, vacation, shopping etc. then frustration will always be there. For me, the one part of the definition that seems to match me the best would be "unfulfilled needs" because if you've read in any of the previous blogs then you know that I've always wanted to be a writer and for many years I've tried to get published, sadly, with no real success. I haven't given up, but we're talking several years now and not so much as a serious inquiry to show for my effort. I believe my motivation has really been lagging so I think having this need never being met has really been my core of frustration; nothing that my job nor college can fill in the way that I had dreamt. Even among my own struggles, let me encourage you to not give up. Frustration is always going to be there, but don't ever let it take a solid root inside of you because eventually, we all will get a chance to shine...some day.

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes or Android!]:

Song: "Sick Of It"

Artist: Skillet

Album: Rise

Here's the video to the song I've recommended! I realize when you're frustrated you can get 'Sick of It'!

                        To anyone who has play the video game 'Duck Hunt'

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