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Piece #58 - Lost

I think the greatest irony in living in this world is though there are billions of people on this planet; we still have times when we feel lost. Actually, lost can mean a lot of things from identity, friends, location, or worst of all...self. I'll bet that for many of you, it feels like you’re missing a piece of yourself. Of course if you’re naturally lost in a location then you are missing direction. (And, yes, that has happened to me on more occasions than I'm willing to admit at this time. However, I did get a smart phone and I can now say 'thank you Lord for GPS'!!!) I will admit that I have gotten lost in my own city; that I have lived in for most of my life!!!! (I know, that's pretty sad.) And no, that has nothing to do with my Asperger's. I will forget stuff, as I've mentioned in the past, but not when I'm driving around in the city that I live in for crying out loud! As for movies and television shows that dealt with being lost, I was never a fan of "Lost" the television show or the movie "Cast Away". I did grow up on "Gilligan's Island" which I thought was an interesting show, but with my Asperger's I was getting a little frustrated because they never seemed they would ever get off that damn island! I will admit I did like the "Life of Pi", I thought it was a rather compelling story, but also one with heart and hope.

I believe the key word that would be a good opposite to lose is hope. I know you would think 'found' should be the word and I would agree, but going from lost to found is not always as easy as it sounds. I read on my Facebook one time that a person will be friends with someone on an average of 5 to 7 years. I'm not sure how they got that figure, but if you think about it, there have been times in my past where I was good friends with people and for one reason or another they just slowly slide out of my life. So where does hope or found come in? They don't. You simply make new friends. If you lose your identity, that can be found, but in what reference do I mean? I think mostly of name, status or job in some sense, but real self is different that identity; that goes a lot further to the core than what I'm to addressing right now.

When it comes to self, one MUST have hope before they are ever found. In some way, shape or form I have addressed this in different ways; everything from "The Life I Live" to "Self-Image". I know right now there might be some of you who feel a little lost during the holiday season we're in right now (December: Hanukkah, Christmas, Edi, Kwanzaa, etc.). I think the thing you have to strongly consider is if you are feeling can you be found? I've mentioned many times that I truly believe we are all born with a missing piece to our own selves and we try our hardest to find that missing piece...or peace...actually. When we are unable to find what we're missing, we feel lost. This is where hope steps in because we will put hope into things that might solve the missing piece. I believe that holidays can amplify the feeling of being lost because we will try to fill the loss with anything that the holidays might provide. (This is where the irony comes in.) Of all the holidays that I've mentioned that happen this time of the year (December) there actually is one that does actually help the lost get found. Again, it doesn't matter what's wrong with you, like me and my autism, but you can fill the void that is missing. [I think we've figured out that alcohols, drugs, spending, traveling, changing jobs, friends, etc. are not going to solve it.] It's Christ. If you can truly surrender your will to have control and let go, then He can guide you the rest of the way so that you are not lost any more. This is only a choice you can make. I can't do it for you, but if you tried everything else and still you feel lost in this world, maybe you ought to give it try. All you have to do is find a quiet place by yourself, pray to the Lord that you know that you’re lost and have sinned and you wish to have your sins removed by Jesus (forgiveness). Then ask for the Holy Spirit to come into your soul and fill the loss that you have. Look up Romans 10:9 if you’re not sure on what to do. You don't have to live with the loss. There is always renewal and you can be found if you just give Jesus a chance.

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes or Android!]:

Song: "Captured"

Artist: The Digital Age

Album: Evening: Morning

Here's the official video to the song. If your lost, God can capture you and hold you close.


                     Good thing the three wise men didn't need a GPS!!!



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