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Piece #36 - The Life We Live

I was going to add this to a previous post about identity, but I felt it needed to be addressed all on its own. I realize having an identity crisis and living a life can run parallel, but I want to look at just existing. The first thing that made me think of this was when I had released our pet turtle. I'm not sure what bugs me more, letting her go or knowing that part of my routine has changed for good. I say that because when I would put the dogs to bed, I would then feed the turtle. It made me think about emotional attachments to animals and people. I find it hard to have any emotional attachments to people and animals, but it almost goes without saying the difficulty of living my life without some kind of attachment to the ones I love can make me feel very lonely. In a way it’s like a double edged sword when it comes to the ones you care about.

I chose to be married to my wife and have children. Not everyone makes the same decision and that's perfectly fine, I mean Jesus was never married (Unless you believe Dan Brown!). For some people, the decisions that people make about relationships, I don't always agree, but that is their choice and eventually they’ll have to explain their actions to God. The judgment is not mine to make. I think what I have to remember is that this life we have is very temporary and we really have to make the most of it; whether we are married or not.

This leads me to the white elephant in the room, the life expectancy. As I just stated in the previous paragraph, we are only given one life and that reminds me of a movie called ‘Back to the Future’ and in the final movie of the trilogy the young girl questions the time traveler about how a message was suddenly erased from a sheet of paper saying that her future husband was fired. She asked him what this meant. His answer was rather interesting; he said that the erased paper meant that your new future hasn't been written yet so he tells them to "Make it a good one". I can throw that question out to all of us: Are you making your life a 'good one'? The life I live with Asperger's has been a complex and often confusing one, but I'm still trying to make it the best I can. The only missing element is Jesus. If I lived without Christ in my life, what good is my existence? If I don't live for Him, I would just be living for myself and that wouldn't fulfill too well with me. The real question is...Who are you living for? The answer to that question will eventually be uncovered after we're dead. Is that a chance are you willing to take? I've put all my marbles on Jesus and feel free to call me a lunatic, but that's where I stand because I know when I finish this life, I will be judged by Him in how I lived the life. I thought might be here on the planet currently; I plan on looking ahead to a new, eternal life after I leave this one. I could ask what your plans are after death. It's going to happen no matter what. Are you thinking ahead?

Yes, I am living an Asperger's life, one with autism, but I still have to live it. I'm still learning and adjusting to the mistakes and defects that I have, but I'm doing it. I guess you can call it motivation. I could crawl into a corner and give up on my family, but I don’t. We're all motivated to do something. Whether you like it or not, we are blessed to have this moment in time on Earth, but I realize for some might not see it as a blessing. I could ask what would it take to make it better? More money? A better job? I've heard people with lots of money not always being very happy. Some people even like to live through the lives of others…kind of a second life. Why are we living this life? I hope you're living for more than just yourself, I hope you live it for the Lord and thy neighbor. You can make something exceptional from your existence, do something special for someone else in their life; the question is: are you willing to try?

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes!]:

Song: “Afterlife”

Artist: Switchfoot

Album: Vice Verses

[Christen really loves this song!!!] I am mowing the backyard. This is the life I have, it's not always pretty but we try to make it the best we can.

 Here's the Official video to the song "Afterlife" by: Switchfoot. It's a lyric video, but Switchfoot put it out. It's still worth seeing!

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