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Piece #98 - Mixed Colors

This is going to be one of those autism open observation moments: I was in the grocery store the other day and I had to buy eggs. As I looked them over I noticed that brown eggs were on sale and the white ones were at the regular price so I decided to pick the brown eggs because they were on sale! (Duh!) As simplistic as that sounds, I find it fascinating that generally white eggs tend to sell more than brown ones. I guess there are lots of reasons for this like white seems to be a 'cleaner' color and more ‘normal’ than brown. Whenever we look at pictures of eggs, most of them tend to be white. Let's just say I've never seen brown eggs in a children's book or in a cartoon. To my understanding, other than the color, there is no difference between white and brown eggs! Again, I know this sounds silly, but since I have the mind of an Aspie, these little things that don't really seem much actually are important to me. I guess the colored egg thing seems to get me wondering why the white sell better than the brown. Funny, colored eggs didn’t seem to bother people at Easter!

When it comes to rock stars, there is a whole different animal all together! Let's take water for example; it's the only tasteless beverage on the planet (except Coconut water! I actually just don't like it.) Many stars make these special requests for their dressing rooms, usually called 'riders', and there is one particular water product that is always turned down...Evian. Yes, I realize that water has no color, but this leads me to my point about other requests solely based on color, for example, M&M's. Van Halen one time had demanded that all of the brown M&M's be removed from the bowl. I know that sounds strange considering that all the M&M's tasted the same no matter the color. I remember several years ago how M&M made a big deal on bring back the red M&M because of some chemical issue they finally had fixed. I do know of just regular people only will eat a certain color of M&M and leave the rest.

I believe I remember once reading that the two most popular colors of vehicles were red and white. I'm not sure if that is still true, but I do find it funny that a color of a car would make a difference on how well the vehicle would perform. In politics, there has always been a discussion on what would the best color tie to wear be? Most people probably don't care the color of the tie; rather, it would be what they have to say. I know we all have our favorite colors and that can make a small difference in what we purchase, it’s just funny how many times it really doesn’t make any difference at all! (My favor color is green.)

Just remember that all of us humans are different colors too, but that doesn't mean we're all totally different. The Nazi's used to think that color made all the difference in the human race, but that was sheer blind stupidity. God loves color and He never makes mistakes. {Give the brown eggs a try, they are pretty good!}

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