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Piece #45 - Tests and Trials

I never thought of myself as a good test taker. I mean, tests like the ACT and SAT test are only good for finding out how well you can take a test. I remember having to take all kinds of tests. MMAT, ACT, C-BASE, Finals for college classes, and of course those wonderful teaching tests. As a teacher, I had to give the MAP and EOC tests. I realize the value of a test, but I think it doesn't always show a true comprehension of the material. With my Asperger's, it's difficult for me to remember anything...especially stuff for a test!

Not all tests are just ones for a school, college or professional life. There are many times when a test can become personal. One real open observation I've noticed is that women, like my wife, will throw out a comment, question or scenario and see what the man's response would be. They're testing us to see where we stand or how we react to the set-up. I'm saying this is a little unfair to the man, but there are times when getting a truthful answer out of someone can be difficult if it isn't expressed in the proper way; a test. To be honest, I can clue in on the set-up and it can bother me, but I sometimes forget that it's usually a security issue so I try to comfort my wife in knowing that my feelings haven't change for her. (Really, I think they already know the answer, they just like hearing from you.) Also wedged in there are trust concerns which I completely understand because there were times when I had trust issues as well. Living in a relationship is never easy, it can be a lot of work, but it's always worth it in the end for you and your wife/husband.

Probably the biggest test of all comes from the Lord. If you thought the women were crafty, God has them all beat by a mile!!! He will craft situations, events, moments in time to where you have no time to really consider the proper way to deal with the test you just have to react and try to do it the way Jesus would have done it. I will tell you right now that I have failed His test on numerous occasions! The Lord's tests, or trials, are meant to be several things: teaching tools, reality check, a guide to Him (meaning if you don't follow Him, He'll try to get your attention). Many times things happen in life and we don't understand the reasoning behind the situation. It might take years before we get the message, so just consider what's going on and how to handle it. Remember that several people from the Bible were even tested, including Jesus HIMSELF! The best advice I can give is when you are ever in the middle of a trial or test, the best thing to do is turn to Jesus and ask for help because you're really never alone.

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes or Android!]:

Song: "Worn"

Artist: Tenth Avenue North

Album: The Struggle

And here's the music's really worth watching.

May is the month of Graduation. Talk about Test and Trials! My heart goes out to all the grads may the Lord bless you on your next level.

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