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Piece #42 - Names and Faces

Being a teacher as long as I have and seeing thousands of students over the years, I have a terrible habit of trying to remember names. There have been times when I run into a former student and I want to so badly try to remember their name, but dejectedly I usually end up having to be refreshed on their name...and many times which school they attended! I really feel disappointed when the student is looking at you in hopes that I would remember everything about them. I guess I can remember when I was younger and I'd see my former teachers and some of them would remember my name (though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing). Although, I have had other teachers not remember my name, but they remember me by my face. So to all my students that I've had or will have, I apologize if I can't remember your name, but understand I will probably recognize you by your appearance.

I have noticed that as my wife has gotten older, many people don't realize it's her. I honestly don't know what it is that stumps most of her old acquaintance, but many of them just don't realize it's my wife. She has admitted to me though that she likes it that most of those people that knew her don't recognize any more. I can understand why because it gives her privacy that if she was discovered then she would be obligated to have to strike up a conversation with them. I guess in some ways I have the same point of view. There are a few times when I am really curious on how some of my former students are doing, but now there is a great invention that I like that helps me a great deal with this problem and it's called...Facebook! I have several old students on my friends list, but I do have a rule that I never have current students as friends because I think that tends to cross a line with student-teacher relationship that needs to be kept in a professional manner.

The only difficulty that I run into is when I see someone out in public and I'm very sure it is certain I recognize, but it ends up being the wrong person. I've made that mistake were I was so sure on a person I'd actually walk up to the person and talk to them like I knew it was them; only to look like a complete fool when I find out I'm wrong. So I've noticed that I will not approach anyone unless they approach me first, but I'm starting to doubt my own ability to judge people's faces anymore. One other thing I've noticed is that when I'm driving or if I need give directions, I have to use landmarks. I'm really bad about street names so it's hard for me to give anyone directions to my own house! It can really drive me crazy! (Pardon the Pun.)

Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes or Android!]:

Song: "All the Right Moves"

Artist: OneRepublic

Album: Waking Up

Here's a picture taken at Kauffman Stadium before the Royals game. I could imagine that there were a few people that I knew would be at that game, the brain twister is that I would never know.

Here's the music video for you from my Song of Inspiration! Enjoy!


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