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Piece #18 - Money, Money, Money

I agree in many cases that "The love of Money is the root of all evil". I'm not a big fan of money, of course I'm not rich, but believe it or doesn't really matter. I didn't come into this world with money and when I's not going with me! The only irony in all of this is that my favorite color is green. It has been since I was a kid. (But, it wasn't because of money.)

I believe the issue I have the most about money is trying to keep everything organized as to bills that needed to be paid versus trying to purchase items that might be needed for the family. To be honest, my wife JaimeeAsperger's, I might miss or forget important details that could be critical to our budget. I did make an open observation that slapped me right in the face when I was given a credit card for me to use because we have to be careful about our funds at the current time. Little did I know that I ended up 'nickel and diming' myself right through that credit card in no time flat. My card has been taken back. (To my humiliation I must say.) Since I have to do a lot of the shopping for the family, I always can't seem to keep track of what I've spent and what I still have left. I realize that for most couples, finances are better for a relationship if it is shared; and I do try to do my part, but because of my autism; it just seems to be more practical for my wife to do it. Of course I don't know for sure, but I've always heard that arguments over money are a big reason why married couples divorce.

In the Bible, even Jesus admits that 'you can't love both money and God.' It's funny because we all tend to look at money as a thing and not something that might be worshipped, but that is far from true. Even though, you might not be building temples to money or bow to it; if you have a desire or longing for money then that's where it becomes your 'god'. I guess that's the illusion, where money = power, and the person with the most money wins. As I mentioned before, when you die, the money isn't going with you so therein lies illusion that money can 'save' you. In my opinion, only God can save you. If there is any smart thing that should be done with would be to save, it. That would be one thing I wished my wife and I could've done more of, is save our money.

If I ever did come into a large amount of money, I don't ever want to forget who I really am!

The Song of Inspiration [Check it out on iTunes!]:

Song: "Lose My Soul"

Artist: Toby Mac

Album: Portable Sounds

Here's the music video to the selected song...

This is a great example of the misuse of money. This is the Capital Building in Jefferson City, MO. We visited the capital a few years ago.

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